Saturday, March 31, 2012

Non-Verbal Autism and iPads

The iPad is really intriguing. Technology is helping me find a place in the world. I have been liberated by my letter board which first gave me a voice. Though I have never been moved or touched when I use it, because someone else holds the letter board up, some people call it facilitation. This bugs me because it is so obvious I communicate myself that it takes bias to cast doubt. But that is the reality of being a non-verbal communicator.

 The old keyboard I had was tough to use. The voice was robotic and the screen small. In more than a year I still resisted it because it was cumbersome. My iPad is working out better. No one holds it. It is propped on a table. No one touches my arm, as always, and the voice is more human. The transition is hard, but I’ll do it.


  1. Practice will make you more comfortable. Good luck!

  2. I am truly amazed! I am a one on one para educator for a non verbal autistic boy who is 9 years old.. we just started using the Ipad and IPod touch with.. Any advice? He is extremely smart and I feel he is just going to surprise us all one day!


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